DUI Lawyer — The Qualities You Should Look For in a Legal Representative

If you’ve been charged with drinking and driving, you should consider hiring a DUI lawyer to handle your defense. Even if you have no intentions of fighting the charge, an attorney can make sure your rights are protected.

You should consider hiring a DUI lawyer to handle your defense for a drinking and driving charge. Even police, prosecutors, and judges with the best of intentions can make mistakes. Unfortunately, when they do, it can ruin someone’s life by unfairly laying fines and incarceration on them. Don’t let that someone be you. Even if you are guilty of the charges, having an attorney by your side is a right you should exercise. You don’t need to roll over and take the worst punishment possible. Here are the qualities you should look for to find exceptional representation:


What good is a DUI lawyer or a Tampa criminal lawyer if he isn’t there when you need him to be? You might as well accept the public defender, for all the good that is worth. While finding an attorney with a winning reputation is nice to have, it doesn’t do you any good if he feels your case is somehow below him or if he has booked himself so tightly that he can’t spare time for his clients. This can be difficult to discern at the outset, but pay close attention. If you can’t get an attorney on the phone when you want to hire them, what makes you think they will be any more available later on?


This doesn’t speak only to their record of wins and losses. It is worth noting that almost any DUI lawyer you find will have a losing record when it comes to facing down charges. While mistakes are made and innocent people are brought to trial, this seldom happens in the realm of drinking and driving. Therefore, you would be more successful in simply finding someone with a good record of getting good deals for their clients and preventing as much damage as possible. If you are innocent, of course, you may want to look for someone who has experience taking these things all the way.

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Turn your back on any DUI lawyer who is determined to blow smoke. These ambulance chasers who want to convince you that they can get you back out on the street, complete with a not guilty verdict and an open invitation to sue the city, are probably not going to be your best bet for competent representation. While the legal field is filled with brilliant minds and hardworking professionals, there are some bad apples in the bunch. Don’t get taken in with delusions and grand speech.